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Helpful Resources

WA State Dept of Health Telephone Line


Call this number to reach the State Department of Health:

  1. press #, wait for a live person to answer.  It may take several minutes, or

  2. wait for the option to press 1, and then input your telephone number.  Hopefully, they’ll call you back in a few hours.

It operates seven days a week, Monday 6 AM to 10 PM, Tuesday thru Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM.


Shortcuts to Helpful Webpages

On this page you will find many links to tools and providers to help you find an available vaccine appointment.


How to Search for an Appointment

This video is taken from multiple recordings of Zoom meetings we held to train people on how to find their own appointments. Meetings were held in early February 2021.

Vaccination Appointment

Tips and Tricks

This is a pdf document with tips and tricks and other information to help you to find an open appointment.

About the team

We know the struggle to find an open appointment.

We are a group of retired educators who have made a commitment to volunteer to help people who might have issues with technology and, therefore, access to available vaccination appointments. We are currently focusing our efforts on people 65 years and older.


Vaccine Bookers Washington

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